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Exploring your innovative ideas requires novel tools and methods - Let us work with you to create custom solutions to bring them to life

Streamline your nanopore research with our

complete suite of nanopore tools


Fabricating Molecular Sensors

The Spark-E2 makes two pores in parallel, grows them to your target size, and makes sure the noise is suitable for your target application.


Nanopore Fabrication System

The Spark-E2 automatically makes up to two pores in parallel on separate chips, grows them to your target size with sub-nm precision, and automatically conditions the pore to reduce the noise for improved biosensing.


The Spark-E2 system is not currently available for purchase. If you are interested in acquiring solid state nanopore fabrication hardware for your lab, please book a call here to discuss your requirements. Your input will inform how we support the research community going forward.

Nanopore Sensing


If you already have an amplifier for your nanopore sensing in-house, our Faraday cages will allow you to integrate our tools and flow cells seamlessly into your research, or we’ll make one that will. Don’t have an amplifier yet? No problem. We can set you up with one that’s optimized for your research plan. 


Analytics Software

Our digital signal processing and analysis tools simplify and accelerate data analysis, giving you access to a powerful suite of tools designed specifically with nanopore research in mind. 



Fluidic Cartridge

Our time-saving millifluidic fluidic cells are disposable, boast 25 microliter internal volumes, and snap together without needing any external fasteners. They come with associated gaskets, caps and electrodes.


You Imagine it, We Build it

Let our instrument design experts do the work for you in building the tools you need to realize your research ideas.


Custom Solutions


A nanopore can only be as good as the membrane that supports it. NNi sources high-quality membranes designed for nanopore fabrication by controlled breakdown and goes a step further by testing each new batch to make sure they will perform in your lab. 

Microscopy-compatible Nanopore Tools

Visualize your nanopore experiments, integrate laser-enhanced nanopore fabrication, or study fluorescence and electrical signal channels simultaneously: our flow cells and faraday cages make this possible. Send us your microscope specs and we will assemble an easy-to-use, low-noise system for your visually-enhanced nanopore experiments.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Setting Up A New Lab?

Get in touch to discuss how we can facilitate setting up a new nanopore lab and get you the tools and workflows you need to be up and generating data quickly.



Our tools completely automate the fabrication process, allowing you to make and quality control nanopores with the push of a button.


Our instruments deliver functional nanopores for a fraction of the cost and effort of other methods.


Our optimized protocols deliver nanopores with sizes in the 1-30 nm range automatically, with sub-nm precision.

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