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News and Events

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Webinar: Analyzing Nanopore Data with Nanolyzer

May 30, 2023 at 11 am EST

Learn how Northern Nanopore’s suite of data analysis software can enable your nanopore analysis tasks in almost any experimental context. Whether you are using solid-state or biological nanopores, this session will provide a practical overview of the available tools and provide foundational knowledge on which to build your nanopore analytics. Sign up here!


Interview with Future of Health Tech

May 01, 2023

Northern Nanopore CEO Kyle Briggs sits down with Dr. Deepak Mirok @FutureofHT to discuss the next frontier in human health: precision medicine. Learn how Northern Nanopore is working to deliver on the promise of precision medicine via single-molecule proteomics by providing solid-state nanopores tools to accelerate global research toward this critical goal. Read the full interview here!

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Webinar: Beyond the Lab: Research Challenges Facing Solid-state Nanopores

March 21, 2023

Learn about some of the most critical research challenges being tackled by Northern Nanopore and the nanopore community at large. Watch the replay here!


You can also access a list of related publications and references here.


BPS 2023 San Diego

Northern Nanopore at Biophysical Society Meeting in San Diego

February 18-22, 2023

The Northern Nanopore team had a great time connecting with researchers from all over the world at BPS2023 in San Diego!


Many thanks to the BPS team for making the event a success.


New Product Announcement: Microscopy-enabled Flow Cells

February 13, 2023

We are happy to announce our newest product: microscope-compatible flow cells to enable you to visualize your solid-state nanopore experiments in real time! See the details here!

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Western Digital IDTC Workshop on DNA Data Storage

February 7, 2023

Thanks to Gerardo Bertero and David Landsman for hosting the Western Digital IDTC Workshop on Digital Information Storage.


It was a privilege to present Northern Nanopore Instruments' contributions to advancing nanopore science alongside a stellar lineup of speakers from the DNA Data Storage Alliance sharing insights on the roadmap to molecular information storage.

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Webinar: Fabricating Solid-state Nanopores using Controlled Breakdown

January 24, 2023

If you’re using controlled breakdown to fabricate solid-state nanopores, this session contains a wealth of information on how to optimize the process and troubleshoot issues you may encounter in the course of your solid-state nanopore research.


Watch the replay here!


Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing 3 Conference

October 31 to November 4, 2022

The Northern Nanopore team connected with the single-molecule proteomics community at SMPS3 in Delft, NL for a highly productive conference on the future of proteomics.


Thank you to organizers Cees Dekker and Chirlmin Joo for a well-executed conference. We look forward to SMPS4 in Switzerland!


FACSS SciX - Conference in Cincinnati 

October 2-7, 2022

The Northern Nanopore team connected with researchers all over the world at FACSS SciX in Cincinnati to discuss new directions for solid-state nanopore research. Many thanks to the organizers for a great conference!


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