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Flow Cells

Flow-through design and small internal volumes facilitates buffer exchange and minimizes sample waste.


Partially reusable flow cells with laminar flow-through sample loading and unloading make setting up experiments and cleaning up after a snap. No screws or tools needed, these simple parts can be assembled and ready to go in under a minute. Check out the workflow here.

20210427_144716 -2.jpg

These cells boast internal volumes of 25 uL (male half) and 40 ul (female half), ensuring that precious samples are not wasted. Options for even smaller internal volumes are available on request. 
Half-cells can be reused several times, ensuring cost per experiment stays low. Best of all, a simple water or ethanol flush works to clean out all but the most stubborn of sticky molecules, and if that fails, throw it out and grab a new one.

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