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Oxford Nanopore Technologies acquires Northern Nanopore Instruments, expanding innovation pipeline in solid-state nanopore-based sensing.

Read the full press release here.

At the frontier of
single-molecule sensing

Single-molecule technologies have already revolutionized genomics and are poised to transform medicine, but this is only the beginning. 

Realizing the full promise of precision medicine requires the ability to detect single copies of target protein biomarkers at the point of care. Our goal is to address the challenges that remain to realize this potential with solid-state nanopores.

We’re on a mission to make solid-state nanopores accessible to anyone

Whether detecting DNA, quantifying a panel of protein biomarkers, or reading digital information encoded in the next generation of molecular hard drives, solid-state nanopores have immense transformative potential. Northern Nanopore exists to realize this potential through solutions that accelerate fundamental and applied research with solid-state nanopores. We are beginning with our pioneering solid-state nanopore fabrication technology and powerful analysis tools so that you can focus your efforts on applying nanopores to your project.

Easily Fabricate Nanopores to Your Desired Sizes

The Challenge: Access to Nanopores 

Until recently, slow, expensive techniques limited the use of solid-state nanopores to a few well-equipped labs.

Our Solution 

Our Nanopore Lab Starter Kit packages everything you need to fabricate precisely sized solid-state nanopores on your benchtop with a few clicks. Our flagship product package uses the innovative controlled breakdown method to completely automate your nanopore fabrication, letting you focus on your applications.

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The Challenge: Data Analysis

Like all frontier fields, solid-state nanopore research suffers from a lack of standardized and versatile analysis tools. This makes it challenging to compare results between labs and extract the information you need from your data.

Our Solution 

Nanolyzer is an all-in-one nanopore analysis package that can fit and decode nanopore translocation events of any complexity without any prior knowledge of the molecules being analyzed. Applicable across all nanopore types, including solid-state, nanopipettes, and biological nanopores, Nanolyzer lets you denoise, fit, cluster, and visualize your experiments without requiring any programming knowledge.

The Challenge: Research Throughput

Using one pore at a time has been a rate-limiting factor in solid-state nanopore research since the inception of the field.

Our Solution 

Currently in development, our parallelized solid-state nanopore platform will automatically fabricate many pores in parallel. It will also perform automated quality control, select your best prospects for your sensing experiment based on criteria that you set, and allow you to perform parallelized sensing experiments to completely remove the throughput bottleneck. Get in touch with us to let us know you are interested.

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